Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Wow this week was some crazy stuff hahah. First off lets get started with explaining that i get to alto hospicio (for short) alto and my sector is los aromos which is super cool because i knew a few converts in antofagasta that live here so that's cool but, then they tell me that this transfer is going to fly because we have like a ton of things to plan and take care of by the end of the transfer which is super true i felt it this week we spent quite a few nights waiting at the bus terminal for elders to get there and walking like all the sectors doing inspeccions of apartments.

Also not to mention this sector is huge and we have a ton of new investigators that i am just getting to know so maybe next week i will be able to talk about them a little more but this week we were teaching a family called the family saez they are super cool and they are going to be our next baptisms probably in like 2 weeks but we will see. 

As for today it was super fun we are living with another two elders called Elder reid and elder palpa. Elder reid is from orem and elder palpa just started his mission and is from lima peru they are both super cool and today we went and hung out down by the beach in iquique and the zofri which is just a giant mall but it was super cool because i have heard about it like the whole mission that it is super cheap but its a lie its just a little cheaper.

All in all great week.
con mucho amor 
elder adams
 we played a little Frisbee by the beach it was super fun
 the central tower in iquique
 us with a few members on his birthday super awesome this family
 a photo of me in our sector on a street called reborn and miracles
 also it was my comps birthday so i made him a cake

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