Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 2, 2014

This week was so crazy! We did so much this week it seemed like almost two weeks. I cant believe it!

Anyway this week was crazy because of a couple of reasons, 1 we had to go back to copiapo on wednesday night for my visa and tramites stuff it really sucked because we lost basically all of wednesday night and then slept over with the zone leaders down there then took care of all that crap in the morning (and when i say crap i mean it because it is basically like the dmv with a whole bunch of crazy chilenos, peruvians, argentinians, and colombians needing visa stuff to stay in the country). Then after that we had to take care of some odd buys that we have been needing for the penchant like a colifont (water heater), emergency kit supplies (because our president has told us we all have to put an emegency kit together in case another big earthquake happens), and fetching CHAIRS (in taltal it is so expensive to buy chairs that we havent had any for the past few weeks and have been studying and planning on our beds).Then once we got all that we spent almost all of thursday night traveling back so lost all of thursday ugh. 
2 we had to spent all of friday doing work but not getting anywhere because everyone was either with there whole family waiting and partying before the game or watching the Chile vs Egypt game so eventually after trying for like 4 hours we stopped at a members house and just watched the game with them. It was really a cool comeback for chile and everyone was freaking out even though it was just a friendly match (which kind of worries and excites me about the world cup!!!). 
Then 3 we got a call on saturday night and told that an auditor was coming to check on the church funds and everything the next morning and thinking we were all great because it is like only my second week as branch secretary i didnt worry about it. But then the next morning before sacrament president and this auditor rip into me wondering where a whole bunch of paperwork was and that i needed to find it today! So after sacrament i spent all of chruch and the rest of the day organizing and finishing the finnances it was probably one of the longest days i have had in my mission so far but its just really nice to think it is all taken care of.

After all of the crazieness this last week i spent almost all of p-day just napping and reading my scriptures it was a really nice relaxed day and am just really excited to go really start doing missionary work again.

Also i have some really fun stuff coming up we are having a baptism this next coming saturday with a lady named angelina i think i mentioned her last week but she is just totally gold and we are trying to push to get her son baptized with her because he knows everything she does but he just hasnt accepted the fecha because he is scared about going back to his old ways. And we might have another person whos name is sergio he knows everything but the same thing with angelinas son isnt sure he can keep being a good person and endure to the end. But our goals this week are to get them to commit. Also in a couple weeks when chile plays against australia we are having an activity with the branch to all come and watch the game in the chapel and we even got the go ahead from president so we are super excited about that.

So from what it sounds like it was a preety busy week...NOT your all parting down in st george. Haha jk i really want some pics and want to let ken know that dad told me about his hole in one and how fetching sweet that is. I have been wanting to play frisbee golf so bad and have almost asked this member who has a scrap metal place to make me a chain so me and my comp can play around on p-day. But really I want all the details from you guys this next week. And dad thought i would be so upset or something about not being there but its the opposite i am really happy and wanting to know what happens this next week and on all the trips you guys have no matter what you guys think i will think of them i want to know what you guys are doing in your lives that is why i get on every week.

So things are hard but i am having so much fun. Haha that doenst make any sense but its how i feel. I love you all so much and truly feel your prayers everyday. Thank you all for being great 
con mucho amor
elder adams

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