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May 26, 2014

This week was really funny and stressful. Well i mentioned last week that i got put into a different area and it is called Taltal it is basically just a preety little fishing city. It is really preety and my penchant is like a 5 minute walk to the beach. It is so preety but there are alot of problems with this little slice of paradise.
First off we are about 2 hours each way to any big city, it is just us and the hermanas over here so we are just are own district, and we cant do anything with them on p-days because president is worried about elders and hermanas being too isolated together so its like there not even there. Also my companion is the second counselor in the branch presidency and i am the executive secretary and the first counselor is allways traveling so its like he isnt here so we have to hold up almost all parts of the stick but, the president is really great he served a mission so he knows how things go. Its really crazy he has been the branch president for 14 years because there is literally no one who could take his spot because there is a total of 5 people who have the melchizedek priesthood including us. Dont worry though its not as bad as i am making it out to be. I am excited for the oppurtunity to be here and change this branch the best i can.

All in all though we have been teaching ALOT of people who have been members for a couple years but dont want to go to church because of one true reason and that is because they are just lazy. They say that it is hard to get up, they allways give talks because the branch is so small, and they just try to find very little things to question there faith and we answer it and then just flat out say, no! So this branch as been a very interesting change because we have to give talks almost every sunday, do the tithing, and do the activitys for the young men, elders quorom, and mission activitys. So there is alot more to it now then just teaching the gospel. I cannot deny it is a little overwhelming at times but we do our best to not get stressed out about it.

We have been teaching a few people though who are just gold. We have a lady named angelina. She has come to church the last few sundays. Has a baptism date for the 14th so we are super excited about that and so is she. Also we have a 15 year old kid named camillo who had only been taught the restoration and asked when can i be baptized but, the only problem is our mission president has set a rule that we cant baptize anyone under the age of 16 unless they have been born into a family who is active, which obviously he hasnt. So we have emailed our president asking if we can slip by this rule for him but we will see what he says its probably a no but hope for the best. Also we have just been trying to work with his mom but she is almost impossible to talk or get in touch with because she is allways working.
We also have this guy named sergio who used to live in california and knows english almost perfectly and as asked us to only talk to him in english so he doesnt lose his it. It is super weird teaching in english but fun too. It is very hard with him though because he is stuck on like only two things he wants everyone to be the perfect christian and especially himself and he says in genesis that on the seventh day he rested but here everyone thinks that the week starts on sunday so he wants to know why we dont go to church on saturday instead of sunday and we have given him so many answers but he just wont budge.

Also one other question you guys have asked is about my companion Elder Preston. He is 20, from california, Santa rosa (shout out to hayden) He went to school at UCLA before he came out here. At UCLA he was on the rowing team there. He has 8 months in the mission and can speak almost fluent. He is preety cool, quiet so i do alot of the talking but when he does say something it is really funny.

But today was so great we asked some of the members if we could borrow there bikes and we went and rode on the coast and climbed to the top of this rock and got some great pics of taltal but my comp has them and he cant get his computer to send them to me so maybe next week i will send them but i will definitly send the ones that i got.

So that is preety much everything and just want to let you all know i am great, and even though this area will be a big change but i know it will help me understand alot of the other areas of the church wich is really exciting. And even though my spanish is coming along slowly but surely. I can definitly comunicate and understand almost everything they say but of course i still have to work on it alot. Anyway i have a challenge for you all this week  that you all pic a topic to study and prepare a talk like you were going to give it but then just save it and know you allways have it and i know you will know so much more on that topic and if you continue to do it you will grow so big in the gospel but its ok if you only do this week and would be excited to here your feedback and what you learned. Love you all so much and am allways praying for you.

con mucho amor 
elder adams
 the first is of the beautiful area of taltal.

  The second one is of this giant plant thing our investigator angelina has in her back yard and there are little fruit things that come from it called tuna. Not a joke they are called tunas according to angelina.
 the third one is of me at this cool rock area that has like a million shells and i got quite a few good ones.
 the fourth is of me cooking some dang good pasta. Haha and i know what your all thinking elder adams making pasta what has the world come too. But all i can say is the mission has changed me and that i have to do my own food and pasta is really cheap and you get alot of it.

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