Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014

one word will describe this week completley MUNDIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (world cup) this week was so awesome really juicy! because we could not get into like any houses at all because they all dont want to miss a single a game so its hard to just say hi. But it also means it is really fun because everybody makes a gameday like superbowl times 10 its CRAZY! there was a kid who got killed because people got crazy that night. It was really sad but i have been told that tends to happen because people get alot of alchol and drugs and of course things get bad but we did preety good to prevent it i think because we invited probably every person in town to come and watch the game at the chapel so we could stop some people from drinking and we got a good show of like 20 people it was 10 more than we thought would show so that was good. It was really fun and crazy i have never heard everyone in a town scream so lound from all different parts and it just boom.
That was my crazy experience this week but really it was a hard week for lessons because we traveled twice to chaƱaral for zone meeting and a conference with president those were great but it really takes so much time from la obra misional because its 2 hours there and 2 back and we have left at like 6 gotten there at 8 helped set up the chapel for the next day, slept over, went to the conference and travel at about 6 get there at 8 and lost one whole day and that happened TWICE this week oh well one thing happened that was really awesome we got a baptism!

Yeah we had a baptism this week and it was really fun it went really good except for the beginning because we didnt have a witness with the priethood show up for like a half an hour but all that matters is that she got baptized and i was able to give her the holy ghost on sunday that was really cool.I love the power of the priesthood and the oppurtunity to exercise my priesthood and what was really funny is at the end of sunday i got to teach the elders qourum about how to excercise your priesthood it was really fun learning how to excercise my priesthood.

Now for one other spiritual thought my mom was telling that she was studying the 6 chapter in preach my gospel which is "Christ like attributes" it so great that whole chapter is really great and has helped me realize what i am lacking in and how i can better myself. Especially the last page about the attribute activity that helps so much and would challenge you guys too look that up, pray, and answer the questions with a sincere heart and the spirit and i know the lord will help you realize what you need to work on like its helped me.

i love you all so much and how hope you feel my prayers for you all each and every day.

con mucho amor
elder adams

  this picture is of the people driving up and down main street going crazy honking and freaking out after they won

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