Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

WOW i feel so freakin old i cannot believe i am now 19 i still feel like 17 and act like im 12. Thanks to all of you who emailed me this week and wished me a happy birthday.  This week has been so great and its really nice and it just puts the icing on the cake to come talk with you guys.
So to start off i want to tell you all the random stuff that has happened cause that is allways fun, we have the coolest nastiest things growing in our house we have (quoting lord of the rings) MUSHROOMS! growing by our patio. It is really funny we are probably the only place in all of taltal who had a mushroom. You would think that is bad but its actually good because we have like somewhat grass so its preety great in the driest desert in the world. Also we after finishing all of the finnance stuff got ORDERED not told. To burn all of the extra worthless paperwork with the churches name on it. It was preety great we got a preety big fire going and for lunch cooked hot dogs and made completos.

Now for the really good stuff, the spiritual stuff. This week was really hard for lessons and dont think the next week will be much better because we are traveling to chaƱaral all week for a zone meeting. but it is great because we got almost every less active we met with to come to church which is a huge miracle in and of itself. Also something really great we thought we would only be having 1 baptism the coming saturday but on wendsday we were talking with one of our eternal investigators and he said he really wants to be baptized and has asked us when the next one was and we said this saturday and he said perfect. We were really skeptical at first and wanted to make sure it wasnt just a fase so we had him interviewed by the branch president, then we taught him everything again and a small interview and now will be having his interview by the zone leaders today and now i am positive he is ready and willing it is so great. 

Now i am just going to quickly answer some of these questions i keep forgetting to answer. I have not recieved the package from my parents. Where i am at i do get alot of fish it is really great we actually get alot of swordfish it is really common here and so tasty. I do do my own laundry and have to hang it up to dry, its actually really nice though cause i can take care of my own stuff and not worry any of it will get lost.

I think thats it but i love you all and need to get going but, I hope you all have a great week and know that this elder down here is allways praying for you.
- Elder Adams

the first pic is of my birthday cake and a small gift the sisters in our district made me. They are so great.

 the second one is of me and my comp chilling enjoying pre-pday
 the third is of the MUSHROOMS so little but so great

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