Sunday, June 8, 2014

May 19, 2014

Wow this week was so fun we had cambios on Saturday and I got transfered! I am now in a city called Taltal it is really small, preety, and by the coast. I actually havent seen it yet because right when i got of the bus we came here to write but everyone says the same thing. I am really excited and scared about it because my new companion elder preston has told me the ward has a very low attendance and basically we are the sunday school teacher, the ward secretary, and the seminary teacher. So it is going to be interesting and alot of pressure put on me very quickly, but i know the lord will help me.
So for my week it was kind of rough because i had been really sick at the beginning of the week so I just slept, coughed, sneezed, the whole nine yards when your sick. And my comp just studyed and worked on a song we had to sing on sunday for the ward conference (that i had to sing while i was sick) it was preety bad there was three ladys who were preety much tone deaf and one of the men kept forgetting the words. So that sucked and then to make it worse when the stake president started speaking a man named juan passed out he is really old and has a problem breathing as it is so being in that stuffy room and no one had the fans on so no air was circulating anyway it was allaround bad but its ok juan is fine he went to the hospital and went home late that night but got put on bed rest.
Anyway this week was really fun and exciting but, i got to go meet all the people waiting for me in Taltal. I hope you all have a great week and remember to look for the lord in your life at all times.
con mucho amor
elder adams

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