Monday, October 13, 2014

September 1, 2014

Sooo this week there was alot of very interesting things that happened but before we get to that i just want to say, I have never been so filled up and thrown down in the same day as today. I will let you all think of what i mean by that through this email.
This last monday was really fetching fun we went to the beach and played soccer with some jovenes and then went and lunch with two of our investigators who are peruvian. Since the mission i have now declared peruvian food is probably my favorite of all next to indian and japanese but the AJI (hot sauce) they make is so amazing they make it in so many different flavors, colors, and tempature of heat you want down your throat. IT is so great! After that we cleaned up the house of a menos activo who needed us to clean her patio

Tuesday we spent the morning making cards to put in little almacens (stores) that have free laminas of jesus and has our number and at the end of the week we stop by the almacens and they have a few names for us. It has gotten us a few this week. Then the rest of the day was preety normal.

 Wendsday we took alot of the time building a members house whos roof is falling apart and cant and we wont let him move around too much otherwise he will probably die he is like 85 and super ricity but has the heart of a war horse.

Thursday the power in all of tal tal went out at about 6 and it was like pitch black cause the sun wasnt out nor the moon the stars were unbelivable we had a lesson outside with the same two peruvians from monday and talked about the plan of salvation and word of wisdom and set some serious goals for carlos he has been smoking since he was 13 and he is 76 so we talked about it and he is really wanting to change but it will be a slow change. ONE of the best lessons of my mission. 

Friday we made peaunut butter bars for the english class and they absolutly adored them and we got some new people in there from street contacts wanting to learn english. It was super fun.

Now for saturday we spent the whole day in the chapel setting up for three girls birthdays that we celebrated in the chapel and had kareoke at first no one was singing and then i sung eye of the tiger and every body loved it and then it all started it was really fun.

Then Sunday was literaly a miracle i didnt have to do anything in the branch everybody was ready to speak and the teachers all showed. It was so reliving but then president had to leave really early so our meetings were really rushed and after that we only had time for a few lessons cause we had to travel at 6 but i have never felt like one days time was more used every second the whole day we used to get help someone or teach something before we left.

Now today we are in chaƱaral we had a zone meeting and alot of things changed this month but the coolest and craziest thing happened we watched a video of one of president uchtdorfs talks with the area presidency and the coolest part about it is those videos are protcted by the church and are not brodcasted or shown any where else but our mission got special permission to show it to the elders and there was things in it that have changed the way i look at the mission and especially the sacrament. The way and things i took from it spirtually tore me to pieces and built me up all at the same time. It was amazing

Anyway that was my week i hope you all have a good week and want to let you know as all ways there are allways prayers to be made and one for each and every one of you and hope you can feel those blessings through this next week.

elder adams

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