Monday, October 13, 2014

September 29, 2014

As allways my week was really great. Also it looks like all of your too everybody seems to be doing really well back home. Especially want to give a shout out to my brother hayden who did basically a "make a wish" program for a kid in pleasant grove who is a sick terminal kid and he came over in his IRON MAN suit wich he made it is super dope if you want to see the pictures my mom has them at they are so cool and want to give congrats to him.
So for my week at the beginning we found some OLD baptism paperwork in the filing cabnets of the church and so we have been looking for these members and have found alot of information on them and have started reteaching them and we got one to come to church this last week so it was really cool.
Also we did divisions with the zone leaders in our sector so we got alot of numbers this week so thats good. Although the real reason they came over was to do the baptism interview with our investigator Luis who will be having his baptism this friday before conference so we are so excited for him but we are a little worried to because we still need the signature of his dad and we will know tomorrow if he will sighn or not if not no big deal we will postpone the baptism until november when he turns 18 but the most important thing his that he really wants it!
Anyway thats basically it for my week I would hope that all of you have a good week and remember to keep luis in your prayers tonight so his dad will sighn the paper and we can see a miracle. I love you all so much
elder adams

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