Monday, October 13, 2014

September 15, 2014

Wow so first i want to say thanks for all the emails from the friends and family. I had alot this week to read so if this email is short i am sorry. Anyway for my week.

The first of we had a preety tough week because we ran into three new problems this week. The first one is a fisherman that we met who was totally drunk and we talked for a little bit and then passed the next day and he was sober and crying about his wife and kids that left him and how he feels super alone. So we taught him a little about the restoration and jesus christ in five minutes and he insisted that we pass by the next day. So we stopped by every day the whole week and he wasnt there. Ugh. Then this other family who we have been teaching for awhile has been really good but then out of know where we stop by and apparently they moved to antofagasta. THe other was one of our solid investigators who still is good and comes to church but when we set up an appointment he allways bails last minute and it sucks cause we plan for it and set things up so it will work and then nothin. Ugh 

Although not to worry we had one of the best activtys this week thanks to all the extra time we had and not to mention this week is the week basically of fourth of july for CHILE so we had a huge activity called "fiestas patrias" it was rocking we had food, games, a talent show, and then native dances. It was so great.

Then on sunday we had tons of people we thought would be able to speak but ended up super sick so we had me, a sister missionary, and the president of the branch speak it really was just frustrating but we are going to have the same people speak this coming week.

Also we have cambios coming this week so next email i will be letting you know if anything crazy happened because these cambios i could stay or leave i really dont know but, I really want to stay there are some investigators here who i really want to see baptized before i leave.

To end i just want to answer the questions my mom has because i know she is probally the only person who reads this whole email but not to worry I love you mom. I did get my debit card and preety soon here i will buy a new camera and send alot of photos like before. I eat alot of salmon, shrimp, and there are alot of japanese people here so sushi too, but my favorite is sword fish it is so good. Yeah my comp is fine he and i have no idea what happened it was really weird the whole thing. Of course i still do all the finances, all the activtys, and mutuals for the jovenes. I hope that is it if you have more let me know.

I hope you all stay good and remember i keep you in my prayers.
con mucho amor

elder adams

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