Monday, October 13, 2014

October 6, 2014

I would like to start of by saying the lord truly works in mysterios ways. This week was so great, Hard but in the end the lord takes a sharp stone and through pressure he shapes something beautiful.

This week at the beginning me and my companion have been really pushing to put some new goals, new investigators, and crazy ideas. So we started the week with monday and we spent the entire monday looking, and looking for someone to teach there was nobody they all left for the week to familys in antofogasta to watch conference together. Then i got a huge tooth ache and got sent to antofogasta and they filled a cavity which took out our entire wendsday. Then thursday we had planned to meet with someone who was going to get baptized this week but it turns out he lied to us and is only 17 but really wants to get baptized and his parents refuse to sign the baptism paperwork. So that was really rough. Friday we did an activity with some of the teenagers that are here and it was the first thing that went well we cleaned up the chapel and cleaned the beach. Then we watched conference the first day wich was absoulutly incredible but the saddest part is that eveytime i heard some of the talks there were certain  people who we asked to come and didnt that truly needed to hear that talk. Then the next day we asked them to come and they didnt come and told us straight up they dont want anything. So on our walk to the chapel we were really discouraged and sad and that is when we met a family of colombians who we pass by all the time saying hi and they came up to us and asked what we really do? we explained and asked if they would like to come listen to a few messages that we know will change your life, and when elder bednar gave that talk about people who arent members this family asked us how this stuff all works and so we talked to them and now we have a family of three to work with. I really didnt complete any of the goals that we put but i honestly think that they will be baptized very soon they had the light of the spirit in there eyes. I am so happy that when i feel discouraged and feel like i am doing eveything possible to help the lords work he is just waiting to pour out blessings up on us that we dont have room to recieve them.

I love you all so much and hope you all have a good week and remember to apply the wonderful talks for all of us in our lives.

elder adams

ps i love that like every talk given they said something about our beloved prophet it really impressed me.

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