Monday, October 13, 2014

September 22, 2014

To start of i just want to let you all know i changed the subject of this letter to all capitals because i realized i send the same thing every week and just wanted to see if anyone noticed. If you did you are my number one fan (mom and aunt Jeanette)

Anyway so my week this week was super exciting and fun as allways every week in the mission field you learn something, have tons of great lessons, have a giant rash, or all at once. It is the best time of my life. So this week we had our transfers and........ I ....... AM .......... STAYING HERE!!! WOWOWOWOW haha but its really what i wanted i still have tons more planned to do in this wonderful little city. Especially with investigators. I have three right now that i just cannot wait to see in the waters of baptism. One is Luis he is the coolest guy ever he is a mechanic and is going to school and hardly has time for the missionarys because is busy all the time but when we do teach he asks specifically what we are missing before baptism. =0 also the other two are a husband and wife. Luz and carlos they have a kid in santiago who served a mission and they have traveled all over the world and seen so many places and food. I LOVE THERE FOOD. She is peruvian and makes the best food we are trying to convince her to be our mamita. Also they are so close to having a fecha and am preety sure they will accept.

So what happened this week was really cool we went to chaƱaral again and had a conference with our president of the mission and the assitants so it was super fun and we did a cool activity to get revelation for our sectors and i felt like i had three angels around me. I have some really cool plans for our sector. Also after we had an intercambio between elders and had a barbaque for a branch activty it was super dope. Then the rest of the week was slow and fun. Slow because it was the week of september 18 the 4th of july of chile they take basically the whole week off, everything is closed and everyone travels and aton of people travel here so it was cool to send out tons of references to other elders but it sucked for us. The reason it was fun is they make asados (barbaques) for like every meal and i have never eaten so much meat (fat kid status). Also that is another thing people have asked is if i am getting fat. No not really i am basically the same i have lost some of my muscle but i am still just about the same.

Also so sunday we thought nobody was going to show cause everyone was traveling but we actually had a ton of investigators and members from other parts of the country it was really cool. Then today we went fishing and got some crabs and cooked a soup for lunch it was super good.

Anyway that is my week and i hope you guys keep up the prayers because they are the biggest help for me and my investigators so thankyou. And the same thing is coming your way.

con mucho amor de un elder en Chile
elder adams
 the first one is of one of the five crabs we caught

 the second is me and my comp at the bonfire.
the third is of my zone leader, me, and a kid who just got his call to argentina

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