Monday, October 13, 2014

September 8, 2014

Sorry i am writing super late but i was on a bus all day and barely got off with engough time to write you guys with permision from president, but i will get to why i was on the bus later. So this week was super fun and interesting we started the week with the zone conference which was super awesome which i talked about in the last email alot but the rest of the week was really fun applying what i learned from the video.

OH random fact we had our time change yesterday so now i think i am a 5 hour difference from you guys. Right now it is 8:10 pm

So to explain the majority of the week. Through the video we figured out what to do with some of our investigators and less actives we have. For one we had is our mission leader who is super inactive and doesnt help us with the mission stuff at all but what we taught him on thursday about the importance of marriage and blessing waiting for you after the mission he was literaly in tears and came to church.

Another family who has not come to church the whole time i have been here. We stopped by them to teach a family home evening and they came to church.

Also we found 3 solid new investigators from just talking to everybody this week was truly impressive all the blessings we recieved. Until the end of the week when it hit sunday my comp had a serious pain in his knee and we went to a members house and said your knee is like screwey or whatever so p-day we went to antofogasta went to the hospital and there was nothing wrong with it. (my first thought was WHAT THE FETCH). So then we came back and now i am in a little old ciber that doesnt work very well because all of the normal ones are closed.

Although i think that the best thing is that my comp doesnt have any real problems he just has a really rough bruse or something. So there you go another blessing to.

 I really love you all and hope you have a good week

elder adams

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