Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 8, 2014

everything this week was awesome i literally have no time to write the family or say much but that this week we had a baptism and it was great i had the oppurtunity to baptize brandom. I am super happy and have a ton of photos to send so i will spend the rest of the time with that. I love you all so much and les quiero mucho

elder adams
the first is of me and my comp having rootbeer floats it was a miracle.

 the second is of my peanut butter cookies that we made for a family home evening and the family loved them and are now telling the whole ward and we are allways hearing about it.
 the third is of the baptism and it was super great.

the fourth is of a family who we are reactivating and are incredible and its of there son wilford had his birthday

 the last is of my convert in taltal and my comp finnaly sent me the photo becuase it was when i didnt have my camera

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