Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015

So for this week it was so awesome and a little hard with this time of year. We had some hard time keeping all of our appointments because we would set one and then they would go on vacation for like a month until the end of febuary and its a little frustrating at times but it just has to happen but this next month will be alot better i can feel it in my bones.

As for some of the cool stuff that we are planning for this ward we have had alot of cool ideas for this ward and the genealogy aspect and for going to the temple and we thought that actually we want to have a pioneer day here but if any of you guys have an idea because we have a few but let me know if you think of anything let me know.

I hope that you all have a good week and I will let you all know i love and pray for you each week.

elder adams
con mucho amor

gigantic adventure to a cool beach today

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