Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 12, 2015

SOO my wonderful family and friends back home it is very nice to hear all of you are starting to get back into the groove of things and everything is starting back up like normal. As for little old elder adams down here in Chile in a little town called Arica i am doing so great down here. I really like my sector right now here there are alot of old people and there grandchildren it honestly feels like if this area was in the states it would be considered an old folks home but i love it its so cool and all the people are really animated and want to help us with the work its awesome.

Also i know most of you already sent me something but i just want to announce that i will be completing my hump of the mission on hump day Wahooo. Its preety awesome also i want to tell you all that this week as been interesting because i have had alot problems with my feet i got some kind of fungus or something and my skin has been falling off and now i have like red spots on the bottom of my feet and so the doctor of the mission recomended i buy new shoes and use some kind of liquid that gets rid of it so i am living with that and so today we spent this morning buying shoes and i got a nice new pillow Whahoo.

As for everything in our sector we are having some really good success with a sweet old lady who is bed riddin all the time and wants us to come over all the time and read her the "mormon bible" she really likes the storys that we teach and i really think she will be our next big baptism in fact she asked us to come over on sunday and help her to her wheelchair so she could go to church so we were super excited. she is awesome also we have another few like a guy named carlos who really likes what we have to share and wants to have this for his family its awesome. And the rest are doing great but are not has progressing like these two i could see us have a  baptism this next cambio for sure 

also to finish i hope you all have a good week and remember the lord will allways be there through you prayers and this week i can testify that the lord answers in amazing ways. I love this gospel and am so excited about this next year and the blessings i will be able to see.

con mucho amor
elder adams

 the first one is of all the stuff i recieved from home and friends i love you all so much.

the second is of my new shoes i bought today
the third is of the "january advent calendar" that was december but now since i got it like on the third of january i changed it to january calendar so its awesome.

the fourth is of my nasty feet

the fifth is of this ice cream that a member gave us that is amazing we ate like the whole thing beetween me and my comp it was so good.

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