Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 16, 2014

So to start of and explain why my week kind of good and bad. The reason it was bad is me and my comp both got transfered to different areas. The reason is that the ward right next to us was the zone leaders sector with four elders but now the zone leaders went to our sector and they sent us to different areas and it really sucked because they didnt tell us until monday morning and i had no time to tell anyone i was leaving  we had alot of plans ready for this coming cambio but the lord knows that i need to be here in ARICA! I am know in arica in a sector called PukaranĂ­ it sounds preety good and my comp is preety cool his name is elder childs he has a little less than 6 months in the mission and he is from Vakaville California (Shout out to hayden) he is preety sure at one point he saw you or met you and he wants to know in which sector or ward did you serve in vakaville?

As for my sector things sound preety good here and i will get to see what its like here in arica. The coolest part about arica is its one of the cheapest citys in my mission its right next to the coast and its really preety. I am like 30 minutes from the border to peru and 1 hour to the border of bolivia. It is preety cool and am excited about the new possibility that we have here.

Anyway i just want to let you all know how much i love you and pray for you guy. Remember that lord is allways there you just have to open the door and the let the light shine.

elder adams

the first one is of a remote control that actually has a buton for only soccer (only outside of the US)

the second one is of our district in antofagasta doing an activity in la feria about el es la dadiva and we got a ton of references 

 the third is of me and my old comp saying goodbye with a classic rootbeer to say goodbye it was super lame to say goodbye to him

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