Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 29, 2014

this week was so awesome because it was CHRISTMAS i love being in the mission during the mission you really feel so much love from everyone its incredible and i was not the slightest bit trunky this week or last week. It was really funny because i thought last year when i was preping for the mission i thought i would be so trunky during this part of the year but it was like the opposite. I learned alot about the true meaning and how much i love the people here in chile it is so awesome.

Anyway as for the week we had a preety awesome week with the members and new investigators but with the ones we do have we didnt have a ton of success because we were in the week of christmas and new years but thats ok this next coming week will be great and everything will be back to normal. 

As for waht we did today is I got a monoply of chile from a member for christmas because they know i love board games and its super awesome and me and the other 3 elders played it together it was great and to make it better i WON WHAOOOOOOOOO! It was great to just take a tiem and sit down and play a game with some buds it was nice.

Also wanted to say that this next week i am preety sure i will be in an interview with president and wont be able to write but i will write on tuesday.

Anyway i love you all so much and i just want to tell you that i hope you all have a good new years eve.

con mucho amor 
elder adams

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